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Site Selection Done Right

Making an Informed Decision Using Detailed Data Analysis
Minimize Risks & Maximize Return on Investment
Avoid Unforeseen Site Selection Obstacles

The multitude of
site selection factors
& magnitude of the
investment decision can be
overwhelming. stressful. challenging.

Your business success should not be negatively impacted due to a miscalculated location decision.

It's important to know

What to Ask

Who to Ask

How to Interpret the Information


Utilize Our Proven Process

Rigorous Research. Detailed Analysis. Strategic Partnerships. Reduced Costs.









Find a Site & Community that Meets Your Needs

Ensure the Infrastructure & Workforce Can Support Your Growth

Reduce Your Costs through Customized Incentive Negotiations


Site Selection

Economic Development

Let’s Identify
Your Ideal Location

We understand the long-term impact of your site selection decision —

Both on your company and on the community in which you invest.

Get Insight On
Your Ideal Site

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We Evaluate the Necessary Data to Inform the Right Decision


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Why Use Quest

Evaluate sites and communities throughout North America for clients in a variety of industries

Long-standing relationships with economic developers nationwide

Recognized expertise and credibility by international organizations including Site Selectors Guild, International Economic Development Council, and CoreNet Global

Flexible, approachable team that customizes services to meet your needs and schedule

Published subject matter experts and frequent speakers at industry events

Leading authority on Site Certification and Site Readiness

Avoid Unforeseen Obstacles

that arise from making a big-picture decision without detailed data.

The Quest site selection process minimizes risks, maximizes return on investment, & enhances speed to market.

When finding a location for your business, you need a comprehensive analysis to identify the ideal site for long-term success. The problem is knowing who to ask, what to ask, and how to interpret the information received to make a thorough and defendable decision on where to locate. That’s why we help you identify the optimal location by utilizing a proven process, including thorough research and detailed analysis, while leveraging strategic partnerships.