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Environmental Due Diligence

One of the most substantiative tools deployed to uncover site details are environmental due diligence reports, as they provide an enhanced understanding of the site characteristics that will impact development efforts thus allowing a company to reduce site risk with site knowledge.

Kim Davis to Speak at the 2023 #AmericanSouth Site Selection Summit

Kim Davis to Speak at the 2023 #AmericanSouth Site Selection Summit hosted by the Southern Economic Development Council.

A Visit to McAllen, Texas

Quest's Taylor Dietz recently visited McAllen, Texas and returned with a new perspective.

Kim Davis to Speak at the 2023 SelectUSA Investment Summit

SelectUSA has tapped Kim Davis to speak on a Site Selection panel at the 2023 SelectUSA Investment Summit.

Kim Davis to Speak at the 2023 Site Selectors Guild Annual Conference

Join Quest’s Kim Davis at the 2023 Site Selectors Guild Annual Conference in San Antonio on March 29-31. Kim will be leading a breakout session in The Solution Room on Thursday, March 30th at 1:00pm and again at 2:45pm.

Quest Highlighted in Business Facilities Magazine

Several of Quest’s certified sites, including Iowa Economic Development Authority’s Certified Site Program and Southern Virginia Regional Alliance's Southern Virginia Megasite at Berry Hill, are highlighted in the January/February issue of Business Facilities magazine. Read the full article by Donna Clapp here:

Digital Transformation

Productivity and equipment reliability are key in successful manufacturing operations. Companies are embracing a digital, data-driven approach to automation that includes machine learning to increase productivity, improve reliability, and lower maintenance costs. An effective digital transformation involves positioning for the future while simultaneously balancing legacy systems. In this edition of Insights, Krystian Tolloczko of Bridge Automation provides several best practices and outlines a comprehensive approach for digital transformation of complex manufacturing operations.

Labor Unions

While the criteria for assessing labor force during site selection projects almost always include availability, skill sets, and wages, another aspect of workforce that is often considered is unionization. For some companies, the union climate of an area is an important factor in their site selection decision. Union data is available in the public realm, but there are challenges with the functional application of the data. In this installment of Insights, Reid Schultz shares the history of unionization in the United States and provides guidance on the assessing union climate in locations under consideration.

Quest Director, Kim Williams Davis, was Interviewed by Atlanta Business Chronicle in August 2022 on Incentives

The phrase “time is money” applies to a multitude of business decisions, including site selection. Locations that provide an accelerated path to market, through actions such as site readiness and creating incentive programs that allow for quick approvals, have a competitive advantage in the decision-making process. Kim Williams Davis shared a site selector's perspective on incentives with the Atlanta Business Chronicle. This article was published on August 9, 2022, and can be viewed at:

Maritime Transportation

Prolonged supply chain issues have made us hyper-aware of the influential role that ports have on logistics and just how important they are to our transportation infrastructure. Evaluating ports, including port capacities, is a strategic part of many site selection projects. In this Insights edition, Laura Smith Swankler provides an overview of maritime transportation and shares the recent investments that The Port of Virginia has made to optimize their facilities.

Trade Compliance

Trade compliance is essential for a company establishing operations in the United States. In this edition of Insights, Joseph W. Rohe of 6125 Trade LLC shares how implementing a well-developed, structured, and tailored trade compliance program ensures compliance with applicable laws and provides opportunities for cost savings.

Workforce Training

Workforce consistently ranks as a top factor in site selection decisions. Workforce training programs play a critical role in developing the skill sets necessary for success. In the February 2022 edition of Insights, Kim Williams Davis shares details about employee training programs and other considerations in building the talent pipeline.