Workforce Analysis

Access to Talent Has Never Been More Critical

Workforce is a key driver in any site selection project. In today’s economy, workforce is even more critical to the success of your operations and making a decision on where to locate requires in-depth research and analysis. Gathering data points on everything from wages to skillsets is needed to validate which potential locations can accommodate your initial operations and long-term growth. Quest uses multiple subscription services and proprietary databases to provide you with the most up-to-date labor data and trends. We supplement the quantitative data by conducting existing industry interviews that provide real-world and real-time data points to then complete an overall workforce assessment.

Understanding the labor shed of each location is the first step of an effective workforce analysis. Quest uses Geographic Information Systems (GIS) to examine the drive time around each site for a typical commute, which is a more accurate assessment of workforce than simply examining city- or county-level data. We explore areas such as population, industry dynamics, labor availability, labor costs, educational attainment, etc. Our unique approach includes reviewing historical data, current conditions, and future projections to provide a thorough assessment of labor trends.

Understanding the labor shed of each location is the first step of an effective workforce analysis.

To verify the workforce statistics and understand the real-time perspective, Quest conducts interviews with existing industries and staffing firms in each of the locations under consideration. The focus of the interviews is to get an on-the-ground assessment of labor availability, labor quality, union climate, and wage and benefit costs. These interviews are a valuable source of information on both the labor market and the business climate in each location and provide insights well beyond secondary data sources.

When evaluating workforce, we also analyze labor management relations by assessing the presence and activity of labor unions in the region for each property under consideration using our proprietary database. We present our findings through easy-to-digest data visualizations that provide context to the data points. More details about this service are provided on the Labor Union Data page.

The importance of available and quality talent cannot be understated – you need a workforce that can meet your needs now and grow with you in the future. We work strategically with you to quantify your workforce requirements and evaluate how prospective locations measure up against your criteria. Our workforce analysis strategy identifies workforce strengths and weaknesses, including assessing training programs and resources, to assist you in making a well-informed, defendable decision. Achieving your long-term growth strategy requires finding a supportive community with the right talent.

Labor Union Data

Looking to identify the union presence and activity near your existing or targeted site? Quest pairs our proprietary union database with our mapping capabilities to provide informative data visualizations that reflect union dynamics. Our proprietary ten-year rolling data set of US union offices and elections provides you with up-to-date union statistics and trend data.