Additional Services

To supplement our site selection services, we provide a variety of additional services that are available individually or in combination with other elements of our process.

Our resources and tools are flexible to help you make an informed location decision.

Data Analysis

With more data available today than ever before, accessing and analyzing data provides critical insight to help solve problems. Quest has a variety of data sources, including subscription and proprietary databases, that you can leverage and apply to your project. Whether you need us to deliver the raw data for your internal use or are seeking a custom analysis to assist you with interpreting the data, our data analysis services are tailored to your needs.

Geographic Information Systems (GIS)

GIS is a powerful tool that enables analysis and visualization of an abundance of data. Quest utilizes leading GIS technology to enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of location decisions. The value provided by GIS analysis can span across many applications – from the initial stages of suitability analysis and defining the search region, to supplier identification and optimization of transportation networks, to detailed analysis of workforce characteristics within a commuter shed. Our expertise and in-house GIS services can be customized to provide a competitive advantage for your project. Learn more.


Would you like to see your proposed facility laid out on a specific property? Our proprietary 3D modeling software, SCOPE®, is a cost-effective way to test site development concepts and estimate costs using the latest technology. This real-time directional estimating tool uses site modeling, Google Earth®, AutoCad surveys, and satellite terrains to create detailed models – providing instant feedback on location cost, layout, and cut and fill. The process allows a building model to be placed at various positions on a single site or modeled for comparison across multiple sites. With this macro Building Information Modeling (BIM) tool, you are able to visualize and analyze a project on a specific site to make informed decisions quickly.

Supplier Identification

Establishing a facility in a new location may necessitate identifying and securing new suppliers. Quest can leverage our databases and relationships to locate potential suppliers, gather information on their qualifications through customized surveys, and coordinate meetings with company leadership – all while allowing your company identity to remain confidential.

Due Diligence Coordination

Due diligence is the necessary path forward in understanding the environmental, legal, and development characteristics of a site. These reports are intended to uncover the unknown and often hidden characteristics that can complicate a site. We dive into the details to offer you the most effective analysis and support – helping to obtain due diligence, reviewing the due diligence, or evaluating how to respond to the due diligence findings. We coordinate the due diligence process for the most risk-adverse site decision possible. Learn more.

Permitting Assitance

Permitting a project can be a complex endeavor. There are numerous jurisdictions, processes, and timelines to navigate – and understanding upfront what is required can save you time and money. Quest uses our knowledge and experience to create an actionable roadmap to guide you through the many layers of permitting. We identify opportunities to expedite the permitting process as well as incentives to offset permitting fees.

Logistics Analysis

From raw material and customer location modeling to detailed network analysis, the logistics of a location are a key consideration during the site selection process. Logistics costs can be a significant component of ongoing operating costs and can make-or-break the location decision. Whether you need help determining the search region or are trying to pick a location that optimizes your supply chain, Quest’s logistics analysis can point you in the right direction.

Drone Imagery

Drone technology can provide high-resolution, close-up images of features that can be hard to assess in standard maps and photography. Our drone imagery services allow your team to view sites without spending time and money traveling to each property and can also serve as a review of site characteristics for team members who visited the properties. Utilizing drones during site selection process can provide an on-the-ground feel for a location without leaving your desk.