Economic Development

As site selectors, Quest knows firsthand what companies are looking for in a community.

Our economic development services leverage this expertise and experience to assist you in preparing for the challenges of attracting and retaining capital investment and employment opportunities. We help you better position your properties and community to win projects.

Who We Help

  • Economic Development Organizations
  • States & Communities Utility Providers
  • Transportation Companies
  • Private Landowners & Developers

Our core offering of economic development consulting services includes site readiness to improve a property’s competitiveness for projects, site certification to designate that a property meets or exceeds specific development criteria, and other specialized services that align with project attraction.

What We Help Solve

  • Lack of Site Inventory
  • Unable to Fully Complete RFIs
  • Early Elimination from Projects
  • Stakeholders Don’t Understand Economic Development
  • Unsure How to Best Market your Properties & Community
  • Lack of Partner Engagement
  • Not Having Detailed Union Data
  • Inability to Effectively Demonstrate Workforce Characteristics
  • & Other Challenges your Community Faces

Economic development consulting is more than collecting information and putting it in a pretty report. We ask tough questions to understand the challenges you are facing, and we work together to create a plan that is unique to your community. Our team has worked in economic development and been on your side of the table, so we understand your perspective and make plans that meet you where you are with the resources you have. We take great care to give you specific, actionable recommendations for realistic growth.