Quest Site Solutions’ SCOPE® process is a cost-effective way to test site development concepts and estimate costs using the latest technology. SCOPE® allows Quest to quickly compare sites through real-time directional estimating using site modeling, Google Earth®, satellite terrains and AutoCad surveys to determine cut and fill requirements. The process allows a building model to be placed at various locations on a single, or multiple sites.

Costs are built using recent cost database information paired with model geometry to create real deliverables and 3D visualization that can be transferred to AutoCad. The cost estimate downloads to Timberline or Excel. The process can be completed over a few hours.


Quest Site Solutions’ in-house drone resources provide a virtual site visit and analysis of key site features. This technology can provide high-resolution, close-up images of features that are particular to a given site. Examples of notable features might include rock outcroppings, streams and railroad crossings. Drone analysis can also provide a digital surface model for cut and fill analysis and topographic contour surface development for sites that meet certain criteria. Roads around the perimeter of the site can be highlighted as well.

This tool helps communicate site details and provides useful analysis of critical site factors.


Geographic information systems (GIS) analyze and ultimately visualize geospatial location data. Quest utilizes leading GIS technology throughout the site selection process, greatly enhancing the effectiveness and efficiency of location intelligence decisions. From establishing the project’s search region to determining, for instance, proximity to transportation infrastructure and even identifying labor union activity, expertise in GIS allows Quest to leverage The Geography of Business as a competitive advantage.