News and Insights

When constructing a facility, front-end planning for a project provides substantial savings and enhanced performance. Sacrificing project planning for the sake of upfront speed or cost can be detrimental to project success. This month, John Baker of O’Neal, Inc. provides details on the process and benefits of project planning.
Leveraging incentive negotiations can minimize risks and maximize return on investment for capital projects. In this edition of Insights, Lindsey Cannon provides guidance about the types of incentives available for capital investment projects, how and when incentives factor into the site selection process, and key considerations for maximizing incentive potential.
Electric utility providers deliver an imperative service for site selection projects, but many power companies play a much larger role in the economic development process. Lee Johnson of Tennessee Valley Authority illuminates the ways in which electric providers impact the process and the data they need from companies in order to provide the most value.
Identifying and understanding land use regulations is critical to the success of both site selection projects and long-term company operations. Learn more about how land use regulations impact property development in this installment of Insights from Quest’s Kim Williams Davis.
Maximizing your tax savings requires looking beyond traditional economic development incentives. Significant financial benefits can be achieved through cost segregation. If you’re interested in saving money on your next project, check out the latest edition of Insights to gain perspective from Terri Johnson of Capstan Tax Strategies.
The next installment of our Insights series highlights the location variables that impact construction costs. David Hardy provides his perspective from more than 25 years in site and facility design.
Quest has launched a new series, Insights, which will provide an “inside look” at different facets of the development process. The series will contain perspectives from the Quest team as well as from our valued partners. This is the introduction and our first content feature will launch later in June, with future installments every few weeks.
Quest has rolled out upgrades to our site certification programs. All of the Quest certified sites, and those that transferred with us from McCallum Sweeney Consulting, are now on our website on a dedicated Certified Sites page.
The Quest directors have evaluated 1,229,471+ acres and 75,992,604+ square feet of buildings. If you average the latitude/longitude of all the locations, you get a point near Waterloo, Alabama.
Walker Seman, a Furman University student, is interning with Quest over the summer. At Quest, Walker is assisting with data analysis including property and infrastructure assessments, workforce analysis, and GIS applications. Walker is currently studying Economics, with a planned graduation date of May 2020. He has completed internships for the Greenville Chamber of Commerce and Furman University Athletic Department.